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My passion for helping women achieve their dreams really dates back to my own childhood. Having struggled with weight issues and self-image, I was lucky to discover the "power of exercise." As time went on, I realized my love of physical exertion was about more than the transformation offered by jumping jacks and push-ups. It was about each of us caring for ourselves, the first step toward developing self-esteem and confidence.

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Arf Organization &
Guide Dogs for The Blind

As an avid dog lover, Lorrie has been a Guide Dogs for the Blind volunteer for over 20 years. She first became involved with the organization as a way to give back to the community, but it has become much more than that for Lorrie...

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Big Brothers &
Big Sisters

Lorrie was first matched with her "Little Sister" Sara From the Big Brother Big Sister program in October 1985 and the two remain close, even though Sara is now an adult with children of her own. As a daughter of divorced parents, Lorrie felt strongly...

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Gratitude Tree
Reasons To Be Thankful

In the fall of 2008 like a lot of Americans our family was worried about the economy and how it would affect our family. We had decided to relocate after the holiday season and we wanted to host one last party at our house. I deemed it 'The Gratitude Party'....

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